IMA Fargo

IMA Healthcare promises responsive, respectful and
professional medical expertise.

Heartland Healthcare Network
IMA Healthcare is a group of internal medicine doctors who provide primary, preventive and specialized medical care for adults. We are part of the Heartland Healthcare Network, a patient-centered regional healthcare network of independent healthcare providers, and our mission is to restore the personal doctor-patient relationship with a continuity of integrated medical care.
  • We promise prompt, respectful and professional patient care.
  • We respect for your time, your body and your opinion.
  • We will advocate for you in the complex world of healthcare.
  • We will help you make safe, informed and wise decisions about your personal healthcare.

We’re focused on preventive care and wellness, especially for those with chronic conditions and hereditary health concerns. We won’t waste your time or money on unnecessary tests, but we can perform lab work, x-rays and diagnostic testing right at our clinic if you need them. If you like the idea of having a personal physician helping you make informed decisions regarding your healthcare, call our office at (701) 280-2033 to schedule an appointment with one of our IMA doctors.

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