IMA Fargo

IMA Healthcare Embraces the Personal Side of Medicine

We Promise Responsive, Respectful and Professional Medical Expertise

Our team of internal medicine doctors provides primary, preventive and specialized medical care for adults. We help you make informed decisions about your healthcare and advocate on your behalf to connect you with the best physicians for your needs. We focus on preventive care and wellness, especially for those with chronic conditions and those with hereditary health concerns.

Interact with doctors and staff whom you know, and know you!

We want to develop a long-term relationship with you to give you the continuity of care you deserve. As a guest and patient of IMA Healthcare, you can rely on these medical care commitments:

  • You will be heard; no one knows your body better than you.
  • You will not get the runaround or feel like a file number instead of a person.
  • You’ll get expert consultation and comprehensive care.
  • We’ll offer a preventive approach to help you achieve and maintain the highest quality of health possible for you.
  • We’ll take care of you, now and in the future.
  • We’ll be on your side and by your side as long as you need us.